FP02 Beta Training for Drug-Resistant Depression—A New Protocol That Usually Reduces Depression and Keeps It Reduced

Jonathan E. Walker, Robert Lawson


One hundred eighty-three patients with drug resistant depression were trained with 6 sessions of neurofeedback to reduce 2–7 Hz and increase 15–18 Hz at FP02 (the right fronto-polar orbital location). Remission or significant improvement (50%) occurred in 84% of subjects, as judged by the Rush Quick Self-Rated Depression Inventory. An additional 9% of patients experienced partial improvement. Improvement was maintained for 1 year or longer in all but 3 patients (1% of the entire group). These results indicate good efficacy in reducing drug-resistant depression and maintenance of the reductions in the majority of patients.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/10874208.2013.785784


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