Clinical Perspectives of 19-Channel Z-Score Neurofeedback: Benefits and Limitations

  • Nancy L. Wigton


Z-Score neurofeedback has expanded to include 19-channel models (19ZNF) such that clinicians now have the option to use from 1 to 19 electrodes in a z-score neurofeedback protocol. Benefits and limitations of this new model are discussed from the clinical perspective of an early adopter of 19ZNF who has more than 4 years of experience with this modality after having several years of experience with QEEG-guided NF (QNF). Comparisons between QNF and 19ZNF are discussed. It has been suggested that 19ZNF can bring about positive clinical outcomes in fewer sessions than traditional NF, which matches the author’s experience (average of 38 with QNF vs. an average of 11 with 19ZNF). Unique implications of 19ZNF that have not yet been discussed in the literature, such as the advantage of once-perweek sessions, or questions about whether there could be times when change can occur too fast, are introduced. Directions for future research to further evaluate 19ZNF are suggested.