The Right to Write: EEG Neurofeedback Training in Frontal Lobe Agraphia—A Case Report

  • Cathlyn Niranjana Bennett
  • Jamuna Rajeswaran
  • S. Sampath
  • Rita Christopher


Frontal lobe agraphia is a rare condition. Rehabilitation for frontal lobe agraphia is not well documented. The primary objective of this study was to examine the effectiveness of an electroencephalogram neurofeedback training (NFT) intervention in improving cognitive functions and resolving frontal lobe agraphia following a traumatic brain injury. A single-case research design was used. Cognitive deficits and symptom severity were recorded at baseline. Alpha-theta enhancement training was conducted at the O1 and O2 scalp locations. Postintervention assessment indicated improvement in several areas of cognitive functioning and resolution of frontal lobe agraphia. Results indicate that NFT holds promise as a neuropsychological rehabilitation technique in resolving cognitive deficits and frontal lobe agraphia.