LORETA Neurofeedback: Odd Reports, Observations, and Findings Associated with Spatial Specific Neurofeedback Training

  • Rex L. Cannon


Neurotherapeutic techniques continue to advance in sophistication and complexity, and as such so does the need to reference odd occurrences or adverse reactions as a result of training in different regions of the brain. This is important to the field of neurotherapy in addition to those practitioners who may encounter patients on medications at the time of training, and this type of information can only add to the armamentarium of tools at our disposal. We discuss noted odd occurrences that have transpired during our studies employing LORETA neurofeedback (LNFB) in both children and adults. We also discuss negative events reported by patients or parents and medications interactions with LNFB. Positive results are also discussed. The field of neurofeedback can benefit immensely from more reports of this type.