Long-Term Effects of Neurofeedback Training in Anterior Cingulate Cortex: A Short Follow-Up Report

  • Rex Cannon
  • jJoel Lubar


This report is a follow-up illustrating the long-term absolute power and coherence changes in two participants that completed 30 sessions of training 14–18 Hz in the cognitive division of anterior cingulate gyrus. One female after 7 months and 1 male at 13 months agreed for follow-up EEG procedures. We obtained 3-min eyes-closed and eyes-opened baselines for comparison to pretraining eyes-closed and eyes-opened baselines. We utilized Neuroguide version 2.4 for comparisons. We compared pre- and postpsychometric scores. Analysis of variance procedures show significant differences between the pretraining baselines and follow-up baselines. There are significant differences between pre- and postworking memory and processing speed scores. LORETA neurofeedback in the anterior cingulate cortex appears to induce long-term cortical changes and produces significant positive increases in working memory and processing speed scores.