Is It Better to Train Power First or Coherence First?

  • Jonathan Walker
  • Joseph Horvat


Introduction. This study was done to see to what extent power training would correct coherence abnormalities in head-injured patients and to what extent coherence training would correct power abnormalities in a similar group of head-injured patients. Method. Ten patients had power training first, and 10 patients had coherence training first (4 protocols with 5 sessions=protocol in each case). Results. Either power or coherence training first resulted in normalization of most power and coherence abnormalities. Coherence training first resulted in significantly more new power abnormalities (10=client vs. 5=client for new power abnormalities). Power training first resulted in significantly more new coherence abnormalities (6=client vs. 2=client).Conclusion. We did not find a clear-cut advantage for doing either power or coherence training first. However, we would recommend a repeat QEEG after doing either power or coherence first, since most original abnormalities will have resolved and there are likely to be several new abnormalities to be remediated.