Real-Time Changes in Connectivities During Neurofeedback

  • Victoria L. Ibric
  • Liviu G. Dragomirescu
  • William J. Hudspeth


Introduction. Changes in quantitative EEG during and in response to neurofeedback (NF) training was explored in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Data from 19 adults with a TBI of moderate mechanical nature, non-drug-related, and without severe posttraumatic stress disorder or seizure disorder were analyzed (14 male and 5 female). Methods. EEG was evaluated before, during, and after ROSHI NF training. Data were collected as duplicate samples of 6 min each during eyes open and eyes closed conditions, but only the eyes closed condition was analyzed. Results. Significant changes in connectivity occurred during and in response to NF training. Conclusion. Results showed significant changes in real-time QEEG connectivity. An evaluation of a larger subject population will clarify gender differences in connectivity responses to NF training.