Case Study: Improvements in IQ Score and Maintenance of Gains Following EEG Biofeedback with Mildly Developmentally Delayed Twins

  • Matthew J. Fleischman
  • Siegfried Othmer


This study reports on the improvements in IQ scores and maintenance of the gains following EEG biofeedback with identical twin girls with mild developmental delay and symptoms suggestive of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Full Scale IQ scores increased 22 and 23 points after treatment and were maintained at three follow-up retests over a 52-month period. ADHD symptom checklists completed by their mother showed a similar pattern of improvement and maintenance of gains. The extent of improvement is supported by anecdotal reports of behavioral changes. The results are discussed in the context of other studies of EEG biofeedback also showing improved intelligence following EEG biofeedback.