Changes in Lateralized Memory Performance in Subjects with Epilepsy Following Neurofeedback Training

  • M. B. Sterman
  • DeLee Lantz


Both seizure reduction and neuropsychological improvements have been reported following neurofeedback training directed to normalization of the sensorimotor EEG. These findings could be interpreted as nonspecific effects rather than specific changes brought about by EEG training. The present study demonstrated neuropsychological changes of a selective nature that would be difficult to interpret as nonspecific. Epileptic subjects with unilateral temporal lobe lesions were administered memory tests prior to EEG training, after control training, and after sensorimotor EEG normalization training. Successfully trained subjects showed exclusive improvement on memory tasks specific to the hemisphere contralateral to their lesion, and no improvement on memory tasks specific to the hemisphere with the lesion. Such selective changes are difficult to interpret as nonspecific effects of participating in a study, and would seem to require genuine alteration of neural substrates as a result of EEG training.