EEG Biofeedback in the Schools: The Use of EEG Biofeedback to Treat ADHD in a School Setting

  • William D. Boyd
  • Susan E. Campbell


Six middle school students diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder were selected for sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) training with EEG biofeedback. The subjects were evaluated following a 72-hour drug-free period with the WISC-III Digit Span subtest and the Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA). Five of the subjects received 20 sessions of EEG biofeedback and one of the subjects received nine sessions of EEG biofeedback. The subjects were evaluated again following a 72-hour drug-free period. Five of the six subjects improved on their combined Digit Span, TOVA Inattention, and TOVA Impulsivity scores. These results supported previous findings that EEG biofeedback can be effective in the treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. More importantly, this study demonstrated that EEG biofeedback could be used in an actual school setting. Recommendations for implementing an EEG biofeedback program in the schools were provided.